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Dr. Stephen J. Hales. Th.D., D.Min., Dip. B.S.



Dr. Stephen Hales has over 45 years experience in the ministry. He has taught in Bible Schools, held healing crusades, minister seminars and is a Senior Minister at Victory Bible Church, Manchester.


Dr. Hales is also the President of the International Fellowship of Charismatic Ministries.


Dr Hales studied with the NCI Bible College where he attained a degree in Biblical Studies and gained a Doctor of Divinity, Doctorate, he also has a Doctor of Theology, and a Doctor of Ministry degree.

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Dr. Alan G. Hales. D.D., Th.D.



Rev. Dr. Alan Hales' ministry has spanned more than four decades, he stands in the offices of Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist and has seen many come to know the Lord and be healed.


He also serves as a Senior Minister at Victory Bible Church, and is the Director of Alan Hales Ministries.


Dr. Hales attained his doctorate (Doctor of Divinity) through the NCI Bible College, along with a Doctorate in Theology.








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