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Faith Bible College & Training Centre


Informing – Instructing - Equipping. 



 Module One: Degree in Theology

New Creation Realities - a study in who we are and what we have in Christ.

The Three Dimensions of Man - a study of man’s spirit, soul and body.

Renewing The Mind - a study in renewing the mind, (the will, intellect and emotions) with the Word of God.

The Believer’s Authority - a study in the authority that the believer possesses.

Substitution & Identification - a study into the work of Christ in his death, burial & resurrection and our identification with Christ.

Concepts of Faith - a study into the foundations of faith. Covering, what faith is, how to loose your faith, faith & confession and more.

Prayer - a study into all aspects of prayer-including intercession, the prayer of faith and how to have a successful prayer life.

Holiness - a study in holy living and separation unto God.

Salvation-a study into our salvation in Christ'

Knowing The Holy Spirit - a study into the Spirit led life though the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

The Christian Life-a study into a victorious life.

Payer & Fasting-a study of fasting and prayer in the believers life.

Biblical Prosperity - a study into prospering God’s way and the laws of prosperity


Module Two Courses: B.A. in Theology


Divine Healing.-a study into our right to be healed.

Demonology-a study into the origin of demons and how to deal with them.

The Blood Covenant - a study in the covenants of God and the blood of Jesus.

The God Kind of Faith 1and 2-a study into the historic and scriptural truth of Mark 11:22

Understanding The Anointing – a study in the anointing, what it is and how to flow in it.

The Ministry of Angels-a study into angels and how they work for the believer.

The Power & Authority of the Name-a study into the Name of Jesus.

Full Gospel Fundamentals-a study into the doctrine of Pentecostal churches.

Personal Evangelism - a study in effective witnessing and soul winning.

The Ministry of Helps - a study into the supportive helps ministry.




Module Three Courses: Masters in Theology


The Five-Fold Ministry – a study of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher

Calling and Separation – a study of one’s calling and their separation unto it.

Church Government – a Scriptural understanding of how the local Church functions and its leadership

Ministerial Excellence – a study in the ethics of ministry and having an excellent spirit.

Spiritual Gifts - a study in the operation and manifestation of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Full Gospel Fundamentals-a study into the doctrine of Pentecostal churches.

Doctrines of Christ – a study in the tenets of Christ in Hebrews 6.1-2.

Hermeneutics - a study in Biblical interpretation and rightly dividing the Word.


Module Four Courses: Doctor of Theology


Pneumatology - a study into the person of the Holy Spirit

Eschatology - a study of end time event and the second coming of Christ.

Azzusa Street & Beyond - a study into the great 2oth century outpouring of revival.

British Pentecostal Pioneers -a study into the great example of these pioneers.


A 5,000 worded dissertation will be required to complete the doctorate degree. The dissertation shall be a choice of any of the Module four courses that the student desires.


For those who successfully complete the Module one course a degree in Theology will be awarded. Those who successfully complete the first and second module courses will be awarded a degree of B.A in Theology. Those who successfully complete the module one, two and three courses will be awarded a Master degree in Theology.

Those who have gained a masters degree can go on to study module four which if successful they will be awarded for a doctorate of Theology degree.







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